How To Make Reading
Fun in 6 Easy Ways

April, 8 2021

Moms and dads, remember the days when you used to eagerly snuggle up with your parents for that nightly bedtime story? Are you wanting to encourage the same routine with your little ones? The enjoyment of turning every page with mommy and daddy and reliving a favourite is just so much FUN!

If like us, you’re searching for creative ways to turn some of that digital time into book-reading time – you’re not alone! Independent reading time is not only good for us (that’s the moms and dads – the emails can wait, let’s pick up a book instead) but for curious little minds too.

What’s the best way to do this?


TO MAKE READING FUN – of course!

Fun reading time for adults =’s

  • A good great book
  • A box of unlimited chocolates
  • And a rather large mug of tea

Fun reading time for kids =’s

  • A stimulating reading space
  • a variety of interesting reads
  • allocated storytime slots
  • or to start a kiddies book club

Speaking of book clubs, have you heard about the Wonderdal Book Club yet? No?

Well some of the most-loved children’s stories are read, reviewed and enjoyed! A safe and fun space where little ones can share their newly acquired love for reading and books. Best of all, when joining the Wonderdal Book Club, you’ll receive two free tickets to come and enjoy at Wonderdal too! Click here 👉 for more information.

But back to the task at hand – HOW TO MAKE READING FUN?! Not to worry mom and dad, we’ve compiled a quick-reading list of 6 ideas that will get the little ones begging for some page-turning time!


1. Visit a new child-friendly bookstore: The Book Lounge

Image source: The Book Lounge

Knowing about a kiddie-friendly book store is not only great for the weekends usual question of “what are we going to do today?”. It’s also super useful information to pop onto the School Moms What’s App group too (Mom Code: mom’s help other moms out – always).

Kiddie-friendly book stores don’t get much better than the beloved Book Lounge, situated in Roeland Street. The Book Lounge definitely knows How To Make Reading Fun with their weekly Saturday morning Storytime at 11:00 (add that time slot to the weekly calendar – stat!).

The recommended age guideline for Storytime is 3-8 years old but all are welcome AND Storytime is free of charge.

Stories in a specific theme are read aloud and make for an exciting reading experience. We also know that snacks and drinks are super important accompaniments to any and all stories – The Book Lounge has that covered, with hot beverages, juices and snacks on sale too.

*Phew! No need to worry if you forget the water bottle or snack bag*.

For more information about The Book Lounge, their Storytime and amended Lockdown times, have a read 👉 here.


2. Make use of ed-tech: listen to audiobooks

Audio books and stories are a great way to start getting the little ones into a storytime routine, as well as developing a love for books. Audio books are also SUPER handy to pop on while driving to keep the little ones entertained.

Edu-tech elements are a handy tool when used correctly and there’s no place who does it better than Wonderdal.

The Wonderdal Story Cave forms part of the Edutainment Centres 7 Interactive Edu-Zones. Age-appropriate podcasts are on offer for listening in cozy nooks – encouraging a calming, yet interactive space for some seriously fun story time!

The Story Cave is also home to a 700 book library, where little adventurers can flip between technology and old-school story time alternatives *picks up a book about Winnie The Pooh*.

Have a read 👉 here for more info on the Wonderdal Story Cave. 


3. Take a trip to the library: the Central Library in Cape Town 

Apart from the Central Library being one of the oldest libraries in the country, it also has its very own dedicated Children’s Library, with thousands of titles to choose from! *cue all of the “mooommmmmy we want to go to the library, pleeeeaaassseee!” sort of comments*

The Children’s Library offers a host of reading activities, including:

  • A dedicated reading programme
  • Storytelling
  • Craft Activities
  • A holiday programme
  • And school and creche visits

The Central Library is located in the Old Drill Hall, across the road from the Grand Parade. To find out what is required to join this rather epic library, as well as their opening times, have a quick squiz at their Facebook page for more info.


4. Choose books about your children’s interests: (The Gruffalo incoming, The Gruffalo incoming)

Is your little one into all things sea-life related at the moment? Best you locate a copy of Julia Donaldson’s “The Snail and The Whale”… As the name suggests, it’s a sweet little rhyming tale of a sea snail and a whale and their adventures through the sea.

To encourage and develop a love for stories and reading, be sure to stick to topics the little ones currently love – attention is maintained and eagerness developed.

Moms and dads can also do a little checking of the story and its age-appropriateness thanks to kids online book reviews, found here.


5. Act out the story: Pictures, drawing & skits

Reading time is so much more than simply finding a comfy pillow to rest one’s head and picking up a book. It can be interactive too!

Adding some additional excitement to a recent tale by allowing your child to act out the story with friends or siblings can be super fun! Turn the story into a puppet show, draw pictures about what you are currently reading or make up your own ending!

Book Reading Tip for parents: Make a note of the favourite story of the year and get the little ones to turn characters into hand-drawn cards for birthdays or Christmas – even the most reluctant reader will want in on all of the colouring-in and book reading time ahead!


6. Use new kinds of reading sources:

Apart from picking up a book or listening to a story being read aloud, stories and tales can come from different sources too.

There are a host of excellent reading apps available that encourage unique reading experiences, alternative reading materials, as well as encouraging a love for reading and books.

Reading apps offer parents useful ideas and resources to encourage those reading goals!

Find a list of great reading apps here!

Now that you have a good base of ideas on How To Make Reading Fun, we suggest you pull out those reading glasses (joking, we don’t need them, yet…) and share your favourite book with us on social media, using the hashtag #wonderdalbookclub – we can’t wait to see what all of the little adventurers are reading!

Happy Reading! X 

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The Amuki and Wonderdal Team

We look forward to sharing the wonders and magic of Wonderdal with you and your children. Wonderdal is a space where kids can explore, discover and experience a world of wonders in science, biology and nature. We hope this blog inspires you and your kids to be curious, to play and to discover the wonders of our world, together.