Why Your Kids Should Be
Outside This Summer

March, 2 2022

“Summertime and the living is easy”… Warm, sunny days are certainly meant for many things and spending time outdoors is probably the best of all.

From relaxing in the garden with friends to kicking a ball about in a park or soaking up some sunshine on the beach. Spending time outdoors can only be a good great thing for kids (and adults too).

We know that spending time outside is good in general. But why is it so important that kids should be outside this summer? Well, a mere 20 minutes of outdoor time can do wonders for kids’ development.

Apart from all of the fun to be had, there are both mental and physical advantages to kids being outside. Especially during the warmer summer months of the year.

3 Reasons Your Kids Should Be Outside This Summer

1. Physical Health

Research suggests that children who play outside are more active, which generally leads to a lower risk of childhood obesity.

Not only should kids be encouraged to be physically active outside but those who take an interest in playing outside, as well as partaking in activities such as growing their own vegetables and harvesting their own crops, develop healthier eating habits too.

Apart from the lower risk of obesity, there’s also been a study that highlights how children who spend time outdoors, reduce their risk for shortsightedness. Increasing a child’s outdoor time from 20 to 45 minutes a day is enough to make a noticeable difference.

2. Psychological State

Not only does spending time outdoors have a positive impact on children’s physical wellbeing but it plays a role in their psychological state too.

ART (Attention Restoration Therapy) offers a good explanation of how exposure to outdoor and natural elements helps children psychologically. Modern-day life often leads to mental fatigue (you’d be surprised how easily screen time can lead to one feeling lethargic) and, ultimately, to irritability and poor concentration.

Time spent outdoors offers the opposite effect – restoring mental and physical wellbeing. Some researchers even suggest that spending time in nature could possibly cure ADHD based on ART.

3. Wellbeing

The general well-being of children can be increased and nurtured due to time spent outdoors.

Studies have found that even the most simple presence of nature – looking at trees, touching grass, smelling flowers that are near a child’s home assists them to better cope with stress or stressful situations.

The positive exposure to nature and immersing oneself in a non-threatening natural environment as a child carries through into adulthood by reducing the body’s reaction to stress. The outdoor environment is an automatic trigger for the body to respond in a relaxed manner – lowered heart rate and lower blood pressure are all automatic reactions to being in a calm environment.

Now that we know why kids should be spending time outside, let’s dive into how to get kids to spend more time outside:

1. A Trip To Wonderdal

Getting the kids outside doesn’t have to be a big ask…

Simply plan a trip to Wonderdal – although it’s an indoor edutainment centre, it has a host of outdoor elements. The little ones are fully supervised by our trained team of Wonderdal supervisors (the Wonderpals) who are on hand to supervise the kids with outdoor activities. That also means that parents can sit back and relax while the kids are supervised for a 2-hour play session.

Kids will have a ball at The Wildlands, one of the outdoor zones. The Wildlands is an innovative outside play area that freely challenges children’s physical aptitude, with an educational theme focusing on:

Gross motor skills
• Perceptual motor development
• Balance
• Spatial orientation
• Taking risks
• Free play

To book your slot for a Wonderdal play session, simply click here and here for pricing and operating hours.

2. Create Your Own Outdoor Play Area

Photographer: Markus Spiske | Source: Unsplash

This is where one can get a little creative.

By developing a special outdoor play area, your garden or courtyard can be transformed into a magical and adventurous space that will keep the kids outdoors for hours.

A few easy ways to create a magical outdoor area is to:

  • Add a sandbox to your space with buckets and spades- say hello to sandcastle fun.
  • Have a tree? Get mom or dad to help build a secure treehouse. Find out how to create a safe and sturdy treehouse, here.
  • Construct a Mud Kitchen for hours of outdoor fun.
  • Build an obstacle course.
  • Create a magical gnome and fairy garden.

3. Join an Exploration

What better way to learn about the Great Outdoors and discover Mother Nature than through an outdoor exploration?

At Hazendal, little ones can join in the adventure and discover the sprawling farm and its fauna and flora with the Wonderdal Farm Explorers club.

Outings with the club are completely free of charge for kids who have booked a 3pm play session at Wonderdal on specific dates.

For more information and dates, click here.

4. Create an Outdoor Kitchen

Image source:

Get the kids to create an outdoor kitchen and restaurant. Loads of “cooking” will take place, with mud pies and flower cakes readily available thanks to a “drive-thru” restaurant.

So line up those toy cars, get the teddy bear collection out, pull the crayons from the box (to draw paper money) and tell Mom and Dad to get ordering *credit cards accepted*.

Sunshine, food and happy kids – sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon!

5. Plant A Veggie Garden

You can’t get more outdoors than getting your hands covered in soil, planting some seeds and harvesting your own vegetables from your very own vegetable garden.

But not to worry if you don’t have space for an entire veggie patch, gather up some pots and get started. Just make sure you have the following items on hand:

  • Potting soil
  • Various vegetable seeds
  • Gardening gloves and spades
  • A watering can

For more ideas on planting, simply click here. And for some yummy ideas on how to cook with all of those veggies, click here.

6. Try a New Outdoor Sport

What could be more fun than learning a new sporting skill?

Well, doing so with family and friends, of course! And at Kleine Hazen Putting Park on the beautiful Hazendal farm estate outside Stellenbosch youngsters can get the chance to do just that.

The Putting Park is ideal for all ages and skill levels and the perfect introduction to the game of golf for little ones with a 27-hole putt-putt course.

(Even better, if your kiddo does take a fancy to the game, they can perfect their swing at the Hazendal Golf Academy, which offers structured programmes for junior players.)

Plus, the adjacent picnic areas, playgrounds and delicious barista-brewed coffee on offer for Mom and Dad means you can really make a day out of it for the whole family.

Oh, and did we mention all the wonderful fresh farm air and sunshine on offer for free …

For more info or to book, click here.

Now that you know why kids should be outside this summer, remember to pop into Wonderdal for plenty of outdoor fun and entertainment with an edutainment philosophy- it’s great for the parents too *sips on a summery drink while appreciating the view at Hazendal*.

Happy Outdoor Time x



The Amuki and Wonderdal Team

We look forward to sharing the wonders and magic of Wonderdal with you and your children. Wonderdal is a space where kids can explore, discover and experience a world of wonders in science, biology and nature. We hope this blog inspires you and your kids to be curious, to play and to discover the wonders of our world, together.