Why This Kids Play
Centre In Cape Town
Should Be Number One
On Your List

March, 4 2021

Welcome back to the busy rush of school moms and dads! 2021 decided that February will be the month when the official school year begins. Eeeeek, we know, we know, it’s an adjustment getting back into the weekly routine after some time out of the school run… And when the weekend rolls on we know that all you will hear is, “What are we going to do today?”. It’s Ok, take a sip of coffee (or three), sit back for five minutes and let’s plan!

Right, now that you (that’s mommy and daddy) have been suitably caffeinated, let’s get down to business.

We’re pretty sure you need a break. The kids need a break. Their curious little minds need stimulating and educating, all while enjoying some serious PLAYTIME! That’s where Wonderdal steps in.

Apart from Wonderdal being one of the top kids play centres in the country, this Stellenbosch gem is situated on Hazendal Wine Estate. *Cue entry for that chilled glass of vino*  

In case you require any more convincing (we doubt that) as to why Wonderdal should be on your mommy speed dial… We have a few tasty bits of information that will convince you why this Stellenbosch kids play centre should be NUMBER ONE on your list.


1. Meet the Amuki, our magical little inhabitants and guardians of the Wonderdal

Each Wonderdal play session experience lasts two hours and is fully supervised. That’s two hours of edutainment fun for your little adventurers – exciting! But, before the little ones tumble into some serious fun… They first need to meet the Amuki (we see a whole lot of BFF moments about to happen – cute!).

Who are the Amuki? 

They’re wonderful!

They’re colourful!

They’re friendly!

They’re shimmery and brightly coloured!

They’re the leafy-eared little helpers that call Wonderdal home !

The Amuki are there to make learning through play super fun and  ensure that your young adventurers and explorers slip on a special magical bracelet at the Kora. The bracelet enables adventurers to see and communicate with the otherwise invisible Amuki.

Imagine providing a space not only for play but learning too? Ditch the mom and dad guilt and indulge in some quality parenting R&R while the kids are looked after in a safe and nurturing environment. You can read up about some of the FAQs we receive regarding the day visitor programme here. It’s full of useful tips and answer to set your mind at ease and to make sure you are fully prepped for your day out.

We told you things were magical here…

  • Collecting crystals
  • Gardening
  • Exploring
  • Learning about scientific experiments
  • And playing games all form part of the play session.
  • Best of all, your little ones are safe and left in the hands of trained, caring and fun Wonderpals!

No mom, no dad, the Amuki aren’t allowed to come home with you. Sorry. It just means that you and your tribe will need to visit us again (and again and again).or even check out our giftshop! Remember that while the kids play and learn, you get to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Hazendal.


2. Yummy! aka Culinary Experiences 

Oh Stellenbosch, you’re wonderful and so are your culinary experiences. We’re pretty sure that most who visit us are avid foodies which means you’ve come to the right place.

That’s all the sign one needs that it’s time to start enjoying a bit of “me time”. You know the kids are safely supervised at Wonderdal which means culinary treats await the rest of the family!

We’ve spoken about cups of coffee earlier (we understand how greatly they are needed). But perhaps a chilled glass of Hazendal Chardonnay 2018 is calling your name instead? What’s great wine without a great accompanying meal? Hazendal has that all covered with a variety of dining options available for every member of the family.

You know what they say about variety being the spice of life…Have you ever experienced a Russian Tea Ceremony? You’re in for a treat, be sure to have phones and cameras ready – this is a definite Instagram moment #RussianTeaCeremony.

If a picnic on sprawling lawns is more your thing, get ready to be wowed by the wonderful picnic options Hazendal has on offer! The Babushka Picnic is sure to have something for everybody. Think dukkah roast chicken, Babushka artisan breads, Russian Olivier Potato Salad and more. The kids even have their own picnic menu to choose from. Just remember that it’s necessary to pre-book – our picnics are popular and spots fill up quickly!

And if mom and dad prefer a cold one, the Pivnushka Beer Garden will make you think, “when did hops get so good?”.

Don’t forget that while Wonderdal takes care of the kids, there’s time for some “edutainment” for you the parents too. A visit to the unique Wine Tasting Lounge is an absolute must and the visit to the wine lounge will result in some newly gained cultivar knowledge – skills to show off at your next dinner party.

If siblings aren’t quite old enough to join the Wonderdal fun (5-13 years of age) – that’s OK! Hazendal is a family destination and each dining establishment has a fabulous children’s menu too. With healthy meal items available ( we do great , delicious hidden veggie numbers!) it means that a little sweet treat is definitely allowed. Say hello to Hazendal’s giant cookie decorating kits – did somebody say sprinkle party? The little ones are free to continue playing on the lush lawns surrounding the deli while moms and dads relax. There’s even an outdoor kids playground, situated right next to the deli – within eyesight of parents – IDEAL!

A day of sunshine, blue skies and learning for the whole family is just a drive away. Remember, bookings are essential for the culinary options- they’re popular, we’re sure you can tell why. All you have to do to secure your spot is click 👉 here.

3. Happy Birthday To You! 

Oh the sweet sound of birthday tunes, it’s music to a parent’s ears. Want to be let in on a not so secret, secret? Wonderdal hosts kids birthday parties too! Say goodbye to the usual birthday parties and hello to fun-filled, edutainment zones.

A few hours of supervised fun awaits not only the lucky birthday boy or girl but their friends and parents too. Outdoor and indoor spaces are available with quality games, puzzles and activities to ensure party-time fun!

Our professional team of event staff take care of ALL of the party-prep. That means no frantic set-up or clearing up. Just pure concentration on the task at hand – PARTY FUN! *if you have your own rendition of the Birthday song, insert it here*.

The trained “WonderPals” means your little ones are under constant supervision. Moms and dads, that’s your cue to catch-up on chats and good coffee.

The Amuki at Wonderdal always say no to junk food, but we know that our healthy snacks will get a thumbs up. Our talented chefs are ready to whip up gourmet healthy snacks – and don’t forget a colourful Amuki cake for the birthday boy or girl!

To view the party package prices, simply 👉 click here. 

After that read, we know that you’re ready to start planning your next (or first) trip to Wonderdal. Be prepared for lots of “moooooooom, we want to go back, pleeeeeaaase!”.

Make a note though moms, bookings are essential,  as our magical world can get booked up quickly, especially over weekends and all  spaces are carefully controlled according to strict Covid-19 protocols. We wouldn’t want anybody to miss out on their 2-hour Wonderdal slot!

Happy Adventuring x 

Don’t delay. Click 👉 here to book online now.


The Amuki and Wonderdal Team

We look forward to sharing the wonders and magic of Wonderdal with you and your children. Wonderdal is a space where kids can explore, discover and experience a world of wonders in science, biology and nature. We hope this blog inspires you and your kids to be curious, to play and to discover the wonders of our world, together.