5 Ways To Combine
Education and
Entertainment for a
Memorable Learning

March, 10 2021

Daaaaaadddddyyyyy! Mooooooooom, I’M BORED! If the usual suggestions of “go read a book or play with your brother and sister!” isn’t quite cutting it these days… Don’t worry, you aren’t alone in trying to find something entertaining, yet educational to help keep the kids amused.

Parenting within the digital age. There’s a constant juggle between providing technology enough for an intro into our lives to lend a helping hand and letting it take the wheel completely.

Finding resources that are both educational AND entertaining doesn’t have to be the equivalent of discovering a four-leaf clover in a cement parking lot. There’s more to educational entertainment than a pack of Jumbo crayons and a dot-to-dot book.

We know mom, the process can seem pretty daunting. Education, entertainment… that morphs into the edutainment realm, right? Well, yes, that’s exactly what it is – educational entertainment.

The thing is, finding that elusive entertainment source that is actually good for your little ones doesn’t have to be a headache…

Numerous research studies suggest that IT IS POSSIBLE to combine education and entertainment to not only use as an effective “boredom buster” – but as a motivation to study and learn too.

Gamification – “the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts” was first successfully adapted by the Finnish educational system. Finland’s education system is considered revolutionary, thanks to including elements such as virtual reality and gaming within its structure. For more on Finland’s modern take on schooling and education, have a read here

As we’ve said before, we’re always here to help, so we’ve taken this time (we know you’re probably reading this in between grocery shopping, lunch-making and play dough time) to highlight FIVE Easy Ways to incorporate education and entertainment for learning into both the home environment.

Get ready to start calling your little one “Mini Einstein!”- we’re kidding! Or are we?

1. All You Have To Do Is Dance, Dance, Dance!

We especially love this one! Who doesn’t like to squeak some takkie on the dancefloor? Tell the kids that it’s boogie time and be prepared to use technology to its fullest!

These TEN engaging interactive Dance Games will ensure endless learning and fun. Not to mention getting one’s co-ordination sorted for other activities, such as sport and free play.

Click here to get your dancefloor (dining room dancefloor) etiquette up to speed and bring on those family dance competitions!

2. Wonderdal Edutainment Centre

Wonderdal, the magical space where children can play and learn through digital integrated technology and traditional free-play.

Edutainment: “a form of entertainment designed to be educational while being enjoyable”.

Oh, and moms and dads (that’s you!) can sit back, relax and sip on a much needed coffee or better yet, a chilled glass of wine while the little ones are safely being taken care of. Sounds too good to be true, then read on …

How does Wonderdal incorporate education and entertainment?

  • It’s an interactive edutainment centre for kids aged 5-13 years old.
  • Creative design, award-winning educational resources and world-class technology are combined for optimum learning with play.
  • Indoor and outdoor activity zones merge for an overall balanced educational experience.

Highlights to take note of:

  • There are SEVEN interactive learning zones to navigate.
  • Tinker Workshops focus: Energy Types, Fine Motor Skills, Natural Sciences (and more!)
  • Wonder Garden focus: Plant Growth and Process and Photosynthesis and Biodiversity.
  • Health Kitchen focus: Nutrition, Healthy Living and Food Processing. 

All of the above snippets of information are just a taste of what Wonderdal has to offer. Our best piece of advice can only be: please remember to book mom! We don’t want anybody to miss out on the Wonderdal experience. Go ahead and click 👉 here

3. Music Education Plays A Part Too

Yes, you read that right mamma, music IS considered an educational form of entertainment! Look, we aren’t saying whip out the 80’s hair band ballads (although who doesn’t love a great ballade?). Rather remember that there are online tools available that promote and encourage music as a positive learning source.

Youtube and podcasts don’t have to be glared at. With the right security and safety measures in place (Youtube kids, age restrictions and password restrictions set, as well as adult supervision) – these resources can be FUN and EDUCATIONAL.

We suggest listening to Noodle Loaf (that name sold us!) – an interactive music themed podcast and video series created for kids. Noodle Loaf was created by a music-ed specialist dad, to encourage learning and laughter during downtime.

Cue all of the dancing, singing and laughing!

4. Pass The Paintbrush(es) Please!

Ditch the traditional finger painting sessions. Game based learning is about to happen…

If you think your little ones have a knack for creating the next masterpiece of the art world, or within the toddler art world, then grab those paintbrushes, um, sorry, we mean tablets and get “painting”!

There’s a host of digital educational games available to learn about art, painting and drawing in all of its various forms.

How can art be used as a form of educational entertainment?

  • Learning colours, as well as colours associated to stationary objects.
  • Assisting with hand and eye coordination.
  • Abstract idea expression.
  • Design Awareness.

Take a look at these fun art and drawing gaming sites for some inspiration….

5. Kids Who Cook…

If you thought that baking cookies with mom and dad or whipping up a batch of spaghetti bolognaise wasn’t a form of education, think again!

Research suggests that apart from teaching young children how to prepare a meal for sustenance, cooking can help young kids within the preschool years, learn basic math concepts and build language skills.

Getting kids to put on apron and help mom and dad in the kitchen can encourage the following:

  • Build basic skills: cracking an egg focuses on hand and eye coordination.
  • Helps kids explore with their senses: mix the dough, let it rise, place in the oven, smell when it’s ready and taste!
  • Boost confidence: “Charly made this bread, isn’t it delicious?!”.

If you’re looking for age-appropriate online cooking courses to get stuck into, grab your aprons and take a look here!

It all sounds like so much FUN – see, we told you we’d help you out! Education as entertainment is so much more than a paint-by-numbers book or stacking a few building blocks into a tower. Now go and whip up a pizza, after all of that dancing and singing, you’ll be hearing, “moooooommmmyyy, we’re hungry!”

Happy Learning x  


The Amuki and Wonderdal Team

We look forward to sharing the wonders and magic of Wonderdal with you and your children. Wonderdal is a space where kids can explore, discover and experience a world of wonders in science, biology and nature. We hope this blog inspires you and your kids to be curious, to play and to discover the wonders of our world, together.