Please stick to the following rules:

  • Be on time. Please note that our sessions start on the hour for a duration of two hours. If you arrive late for your session, you will not be allowed to stay longer.
  • You may not bring your own food into Wonderdal. If you want us to provide refreshments, contact
  • You may not wear shoes inside Wonderdal. Special non-slip safety socks must be purchased for all children at R40 per pair. These socks are yours to keep. Remember to bring them along when you visit Wonderdal again.
  • You may not bring any toys or gadgets into Wonderdal.
  • Make sure that you and the children pay attention to all warnings and instructions.

If a child does not follow the rules and instructions given by Wonderdal employees:

  • You will be liable for any damage to the Wonderdal equipment as well as any injury caused to other children.
  • We will ask the adult who will be collecting the child to come and fetch the child. No refund will be given.