We have a strict policy for the collection of children. This is for the safety of the children.

When booking online, you will need to provide the contact details of the adult that will be collecting the children. These contact details include:

  • name
  • surname
  • cellphone number

The person who will collect the children will be send an SMS with a 6 digit code. When the children are collected, this 6 digit code must be presented.

If the session ends and someone arrives to collect the children without the 6 digit code, we will follow this procedure:

  • We will contact the person on our system who was supposed to collect the children to confirm the identity of the person who has arrived to collect them.
  • If we cannot reach the person on our system, we will contact the emergency contact listed on our system to confirm the identity of the person who has arrived to collect the children.
  • If we cannot reach the person on the emergency contact, we will ask the children if they are familiar with the person. If we get a satisfactory response, we will allow the children to leave. We will enter the details of the adult who collected the children on our system.
  • If we do not get a satisfactory response from the child, we will not allow the children to leave and will contact the Department of Social Development or the South African Police Service. While we resolve the issue, the children will be under the supervision of Wonderdal staff.

Please note: If you book a <i>Wonderdal Farm Explorers Club</i> play session, you give your consent for your child to be escorted by a staff member out of the Wonderdal indoor play area and around the farm, and then to be escorted back into the indoor play area for collection in accordance with our collection policy.

<p style=”color:rgb(92, 166, 189);”>Notify us if someone else will be collecting the child</p>

If someone else is going to collect the children, the SMS with the 6-digit code must be forwarded to them or you can notify us of the change by calling 021 205 5624 and we will forward the code.

Please see the Wonderdal Policies for more information.

If the child is not collected on time, the child must wait for the adult in the designated waiting area. For more information on late collection please see the Wonderdal Policies.

<p style=”color:rgb(92, 166, 189);”>A fee will be charged for late collections</p>

If you are more than 10 minutes late, a late pick-up fee of R220 per child will be payable for every 15 minutes or part thereof.