1. Who we are

These are the terms that apply when you visit Wonderdal. This contract is between anyone who makes use of the Wonderdal facilities and Wonderdal SA (Pty) Ltd, a private limited company incorporated in South Africa with company registration number 2019/032468/07 (‘Wonderdal’, ‘we’, ‘us’).

You can contact us at 021 205 5624 or at bookings@wonderdal.co.za.

Wonderdal policies are also part of this contract

There are specific rules about:

  • making a booking,
  • rescheduling or cancelling a booking, and
  • collecting children after their visit.

You will find these policies here.

2. Age restriction

Wonderdal is an educational facility developed for children between the ages of 5 and 13.

The age restriction rules are the following:

  • We provide supervision for children between the ages of 5 and 13.
  • No children over the age of 13 are allowed in Wonderdal, unless you have made a specific arrangement with us.

Wonderdal reserves the right to make exceptions to these rules. This does not place any obligation on us to do so again.

3. How to book

While walk-ins are welcome at Wonderdal, we do recommend that you book in advance to avoid disappointment. Bookings can be made online on the Wonderdal website.

For more than ten children, you must make a booking. These bookings are subject to separate terms and conditions.  If you would like to make a group booking contact us at 021 205 5624 or at bookings@wonderdal.co.za

When you book online you choose the date and time for your session of two hours. Please ensure that you choose the correct date and time.

We will confirm your booking when we receive your payment. Any changes that are made close to your session date, may be subject to a penalty. Please see paragraph 5, How to reschedule or cancel.

A disclaimer: Making a booking if you are not the parent or guardian of the child

If you are not the parent or guardian of a child who will visit Wonderdal, you must ensure that you have the permission of the child’s parent or guardian to make the booking on behalf of their child, to share the child’s personal information with us, and to bring the child to Wonderdal. You must also bring these terms and conditions to the attention of the parent or guardian.

We are not responsible if you have made the booking without the permission of the parent or guardian.

You hereby indemnify us against all losses, claims, or legal action that may arise from the booking, the sharing of the child’s personal information, or the child’s visit to Wonderdal.

4. How to pay

Payment can be made online via Payfast or with your credit card.

5. How to reschedule or cancel

5.1. Reschedule a booking

You can reschedule your booking up to 24 hours prior to your session. Whether you can secure a different session will depend on availability.

5.2. Cancel a booking

You can cancel your booking 72 hours prior to your session with a full refund.

If you cancel your booking between 24 and 72 hours prior to your session, you will be allowed to reschedule the session, but you will not receive a refund.

You cannot cancel or reschedule your booking within 24 hours of the session. If you miss your session, you will not be refunded.

6. Wonderdal rules

Please stick to the following rules:

  • Be on time. Please note that our sessions start on the hour for a duration of two hours. If you arrive late for your session, you will not be allowed to stay longer.
  • You may not bring your own food into Wonderdal. If you want us to provide refreshments, contact functions@hazendal.co.za.
  • You may not wear shoes inside Wonderdal. Special non-slip socks must be purchased for all children at R30 per pair. These socks are yours to keep. Remember to bring them along when you visit Wonderdal again.
  • You may not bring any toys or gadgets into Wonderdal.
  • Make sure that you and the children pay attention to all warnings and instructions.

If a child does not follow the rules and instructions given by Wonderdal employees:

  • you will be liable for any damage to the Wonderdal equipment as well as any injury caused to other children, and
  • we will ask the adult who will be collecting the child to come and fetch the child. No refund will be given.

A disclaimer: Use at own risk

For the children’s safety, please urge them to follow all instructions and pay attention to all warnings given by the Wonderdal employees who will be looking after them.

You (and the children) enter Wonderdal at your own risk. Wonderdal is not responsible for

  • any injury to you or the children,
  • the safety of your or the children’s possessions.

7. Warning: Epilepsy

Please note that there are areas in Wonderdal with flashing lights that may be harmful to a person with epilepsy.

8. Special needs, medication, and allergies

If a child has any special needs and will require additional assistance contact us at 021 205 5624 or at bookings@wonderdal.co.za. We will do our best to accommodate the child but will have to decide on a case-by-case basis.

We are not allowed to administer any medication to a child. If a child suffers from a medical condition, the treatment of the condition remains your responsibility.

A disclaimer: Food allergies

If a child suffers from any food allergies, it remains your responsibility to ensure that any food we prepare is suitable. Unfortunately, Wonderdal cannot guarantee that traces of allergens will not be present in the food we prepare.

9. Medical emergencies

If a child is injured at Wonderdal we will notify the emergency contact. A first aid kit for the treatment of minor injuries is available on the premises.

If a child is seriously injured, a Wonderdal employee will first contact emergency services and thereafter the emergency contact for the child.

A disclaimer: Medical treatment

Wonderdal is not responsible for

  • the quality of the emergency assistance provided by Hazendal staff,
  • any costs relating to the treatment of the child, even if there was no time to approve the expense with the adult responsible for the child.

10. Collection of children

We have a strict policy for the collection of children. This is for the safety of the children.

If you make a booking online, you will need to provide the contact details of the adult that will be collecting the child. These contact details include:

  • name
  • surname
  • cellphone number

The person who will collect the children will be sent an sms with a 4 digit code. When the children are collected, this 4 digit code must be presented.

Notify us if someone else will be collecting the child

If someone else is going to collect the children, the sms with the 4 digit code must be forwarded to them or you can notify us of the change by calling 021 205 5624 and we will forward the code.

Please see the Wonderdal Policies for more information.

If the child is not collected on time, the child must wait for the adult in the designated waiting area. For more information on late collection please see the Wonderdal Policies.

A fee will be charged for late collections

If you are more than 10 minutes late, a late pick-up fee of R220 per child will be payable for every 15 minutes or part thereof.

11. General disclaimer

You and the children use Wonderdal at your own risk.

We are not liable for any and all losses, claims or legal action which may arise from the booking, any sharing of information or your or the children’s visit to Wonderdal.