Wonderdal Edutainment Centre is the first of its kind in South Africa. As the name implies, it is a place full of wonders for children age 5-13 years old. Wonderdal combines advanced technological elements with creatively designed spaces to teach children’s topics from their school curriculum such as energy, nutrition and life skills. The interactive experiences stimulate childrens imagination, creativity and curiosity, and encourage them to explore, learn and experiment in a playful way. Wonderdal offers approximately 1 000 m² of indoor and outdoor areas, which makes it an ideal space for an exciting outing all year round.  The trained supervisors on-site will make sure that the children are taken care of and safe, while the parents can relax or enjoy any of the culinary or cultural experiences at the beautiful and historic Hazendal Wine Estate where Wonderdal is situated.

Kora’s Gate

The entrance to Wonderdal, where a world of wonders awaits our young adventurers, lies at Kora’s Gate. As they pass through the gate, they will meet their guide, an Amuki, by activating their magical bracelet. The Amuki will be their buddy on the expedition and guide them through the adventures at Wonderdal. A wondrous journey is about to start…

Tree of Light

Kora, the Tree of Light, towers majestically at the centre of Wonderdal. Its life-giving roots stretch across the landscape, pulsating energy and connecting all its inhabitants. With the help of our adventurers, Kora stores energy during the day and releases it at night in a spectacular light and sound show called the Festival of Light. Climb Kora to play on her branches and peer carefully into her trunk where an energy-filled crystal is beating rhythmically.

Tinker Workshop

Our adventurers and their Amuki will put on their creative thinking caps and experiment, invent and craft together in the Tinker Workshop, learning about different kinds of energy. The tinkering hands will navigate an electric circuitry board and experience a wind tunnel and a marble run.

Wonder Garden

When we say that the Amuki have green fingers, it’s not just because one of the Amuki, Timpa, is actually green, but they have the amazing ability to make any plant grow spectacularly. They have a beautiful garden where they’ll show our adventurers how to grow nutritious plants, herbs and veggies from seed to harvest.

Health Kitchen

The Amuki indulge in deliciously healthy meals and love teaching others how to cook them. At the virtual Health Kitchen, our adventurers are challenged to create a balanced meal for their Amuki friends.

Story Cave

After a long day of exploring, every adventurer needs time for a break. Our Story Cave is a living library where our adventurers, and their Amuki companions, can listen to captivating stories, read books, reflect and relax.

Magic Mirror

If you peer into the Magic Mirror, who knows what you’ll see? The mischievous Amuki love jumping up and down, darting to the left and to the right. The adventurers can join in the fun!

Play Time

Get to know your Amuki at our interactive play station, where you can physically interact with your new friend and design fun, wearable objects using the crystals gathered on your journey.


At the edge of Kora’s realm lies a space that’s wild and untamed. It’s here that our adventurers and Amuki friends can stretch their legs. They can tackle the Cloudy Climb netted clamber course or navigate the Quiver Ferns balance poles and the Big Wobble balance sock. The Amuki will insist on playing hide and seek in the Forest Maze and then race the adventurers up the Wonder Mountain climbing wall.


At Wonderdal Edutainment Centre we have equipped on-site classrooms for school groups, where teachers can make the all-important connections to the curriculum. We provide teachers with lesson plans, work sheets and resources before and on the day of their visit.

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