The inhabitants of Wonderdal Edutainment Centre are the Amuki – friendly, quirky and highly intelligent creatures with shimmering, colourful bodies and leafy ears. Our young adventurers slip on a special magical bracelet at Kora’s Gate, which enables them to see and communicate with the Amuki, who would otherwise be invisible to them. The Amuki love exploring, gardening, engaging in scientific experiments, collecting crystals, playing games and making sure that Kora gets the energy she needs to grow. When our young adventurers help out, the Amuki become their friends for life, guiding them through Wonderdal and making sure their journey is an unforgettable one.


Guardian of Earth

Whatever Gomma touches flourishes, so it’s a good thing that Gomma grows all the Amuki’s food! A bit shy, but very mischievous, this little creature who lives in the beautiful Wonder Garden, likes to burrow in the dirt and often surprises people by accident! Clumsy, but with enormous heart, Gomma loves playing the Djembe Drum to entertain friends.


Guardian of Air

Vuvu can be found relaxing in the cosy nooks of the Story Cave. When not napping or playing the Fula Flute, Vuvu uses wind energy to keep Wonderdal’s air clean. Vuvu sometimes floats in the air and then – Poof! – disappears with a giggle.


Guardian of Water

Shekku is a mysterious little trickster who loves swimming in the pools near the Health Kitchen. Why? Because Shekku is always hungry! Shekku has a very important job making the rain fall and rivers run. You’ll find this little friend by listening to the sounds of the Kalimba or looking for the creature swimming through water or air!


Guardian of Care

Timpa is the brain of the Amuki bunch and loves inventing things and solving problems. Living in a leafy tree by the Tinker Workshop, you’ll find Timpa experimenting all day. When this little creator is not making new inventions, Timpa plays the Udu, has parties for friends, and is always ready to help anyone in need.


Guardian of the Sun

Cuddly Zylo lives by the glowing roots of Kora, the Tree of Light, which makes sense because Zylo brings warmth and energy to all of Wonderdal. Zylo is always up for fun and games, and loves teaching adventurers about energy and playing the Axatse for them. Everyone is very jealous because Zylo moves by teleportation. How cool is that?!