Wonderdal Edutainment Centre is a beautifully designed, CAPS-aligned learning experience for learners in Grade R to Grade 7 (5-13 years old). Being the first of its kind in South Africa, it is taking education to the next level.

At Wonderdal, you will find:

  • Approximately 1000m² of learning and play space

  • Three on-site equipped classrooms

  • CAPS-aligned educational activities focused on natural sciences and life skills

  • Technology-advanced learning activities

  • Natural elements with physical learning activities

  • Embedded assessment activities

  • Engaging learning experience for school groups

  • Teacher packs and learner debriefing activities

Augmented and virtual reality learning activities will tickle your mind and the natural elements will stimulate your senses. Expect a range of creative, interactive games, a rich library with cosy reading nooks and educational podcasts, fine and gross motor skills activities as well as beautifully designed physical activities.

The activities cover school curriculum topics such as energy, nutrition and life skills for Grade R to Grade 7. Download the below CAPS Connections table for more information on how the Wonderdal activities are aligned with the curriculum.